Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The AFE strategic platform of Foundations and their projects

The strategic project map for the AFE Foundations includes relevant and detailed information on each of the projects developed by the foundations, and represents a detailed, precise and updated vision of the private social investment led by each foundation across the country.
Who comprises the AFE


The AFE includes an important group of corporate and family foundations in Colombia. This is an analysis of who comprises the AFE according to origin, date of constitution, regional presence, place of work and types of interventions developed by the members.


The projects developed by the AFE Foundations are directed towards more than 15 areas, ranging from education, which represents the greatest number of interventions, to institutional strengthening and development, community development, development of grassroots organizations, productive development and generation of income, social coexistence, health, social protection, nutrition, science and technology, and culture, recreation and sports, among others. You can consult the statistics here.

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Who are its members

The AFE is an association of 70 corporate foundations in Colombia, working collectively to join forces for the benefit of the country and influence public policies jointly and effectively in order to achieve the greatest impact through its interventions. Here are its members:

aeio TU - Fundación Carulla

Contribute to the transformation of Colombia through the development of the potential of early childhood.

Fundación Acesco

Trabajamos con la comunidad generando capacidades y construyendo escenarios sostenibles para su desarrollo integral.

Fundación Alpina

Promote and/or execute directly or in conjunction with the communities, public and private organizations, national or international, initiatives, projects, programs and activities that contribute to an improvement in the nutritional conditions of the population, with a specific emphasis in the eradication of hunger and poverty.

Fundación Alvaralice

The Alvaralice Foundation articulates efforts, supports initiatives and mobilizes resources in order to generate conditions that facilitate the construction of peace in the country, and primarily in the south western region of Colombia.

Fundación Amanecer

Promover el desarrollo humano, empresarial y productivo de la Orinoquia, sustentado en la apropiación colectiva de valores ciudadanos y ambientales. 

El ejercicio de buenas prácticas y el fortalecimiento de capacidades Institucionales, garantizan nuestra sostenibilidad.

Fundación Antonio Restrepo Barco

It focuses on the promotion of social development and fundamental rights, particularly in terms of children, youth, family, health, education, social participation and improvement of income in resource-poor populations.

Fundación Arturo y Enrica Sesana

Invertimos estratégicamente en proyectos sociales para contribuir al bienestar de niños y adultos mayores.

Fundación Aurelio Llano Posada

La Fundación Aurelio Llano Posada es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro comprometida con los campesinos colombianos y con la promoción del desarrollo rural integral.  Para ello articula iniciativas de conocimiento, investigación y tecnología; interactúa en áreas productivas, ambientales y sociales; participa y fortalece alianzas estratégicas con instituciones afines incentivando así la permanencia de la población en el campo.


Fundación Bancolombia

Execute the social and community commitment of Grupo Bancolombia, through development programs with an emphasis on strengthening the Quality in education, comprehensive early childhood care and income generation in vulnerable rural and urban communities.

Fundación Compartamos con Colombia

Compartamos con Colombia is a multi-enterprise corporation nonprofit organization that focuses on developing leaders, transferring knowledge and building capabilities in organizations in order to increase contribution to social development.