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  • Introduction 7
  • I. General charateristics of foundations 15
  • II. Foundation governing bodies and transparency 25
  • III. Financial resources of foundations 39
  • IV. What do foundations invest their resources in? 51
  • V. How do foundations operate? 67
  • VI. Collaboration among foundations and with governments 83
  • VII. How foundations use evaluation 89
  • Conclusion and recommendations 95
  • References 102


The aim of this report is to analyze the main characteristics, trends and challenges facing foundations in Colombia today. The importance of such an analysis stems from the fact that foundations are the main sources of private, human and financial resources used to develop their own social initiatives and foundations provide various social organizations with human and financial resources. As will be seen during this report, the contribution of foundations both in terms of economic resources, time and talent, as well as through their alliances with various development actors have been very important in Colombia.