How Great Philanthropists Failed and You Can Succeed at Protecting Your Legacy

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Ayuda humanitaria, Desarrollo afectivo, Relaciones interpersonales, Comportamiento social, Psicología, Solidaridad internacional, Trabajo social

Autor: Martin Morse Wooster

Fecha de publicación: June 2018

Formato de publicación:  pdf 26,8 x 21 cm


No doubt, donor intent is a crucial principle in philanthropy. At Active Philanthropy we have explored the narrow line between clear and relevant donor instructions and donors leaving absurd or over-detailed statements of intent. Martin Morse Wooster explores in detail the perceived deviations from the intentions of donors by presenting nine case studies, from Rockefeller to Packard, on how donors, in his interpretation, ‘failed’ in establishing their philanthropic legacy. These ‘failures’ are followed by five supposedly successful examples, from the JM Foundation to the Hilton Foundation.