New approaches to scale: make sure the talk turns to action : Complex and urgent challenges demand new approaches from donors – approaches that put systems before projects and involve real partnership with grantees and communities

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Ayuda humanitaria, Politica de desarrollo, Desarrollo humano, Desarrollo participativo, Desarrollo sostenible, Necesidades básicas

Autor: Donzelina Barroso

Naamah Paley Rose

Fecha de publicación: March 2018

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Issues that have classically been addressed through public policy – issues such as ocean warming, migration, and the increased pressure on urban areas – are now more global and interconnected in nature. They require different solutions and actors setting the stage for foundations and high-profile individual donors to take on these challenges. Like other philanthropists before them, these donors bring their individual perspectives to the work and are guided by their own criteria; but the urgency and the very public nature of these challenges means that the stakes for achieving and showing impact are higher than ever.